MAC3 Compressed Air Solutions

MAC3 is a French company that designs, manufactures and markets 3 lines of products in the field of compressed air technology:

  • Portable compressors with diesel engine
  • Demolition tools and sandblasting systems
  • Industrial compressors with electric motor

MAC3 was founded in April 2011 by professionals with decades of experience in compressed air field.

Proud to maintain a unique French industrial know-how, MAC3 collaborates also with a large regional network of valuable outsourcing partners.

Its willingness to continuous innovation allows MAC3 to meet the highest quality requirements and to experience a strong growth on several continents.

MSP series Compressors (Portable screw air compressors)



  • KUBOTA engine
  • Progressive air flow regulation
  • Reliable operation at high ambient temperatures
  • Air-oil separation allowing a high quality of compressed air




  • The most compact dimensions in their class
  • Safe steering on construction site
  • Skid-mounted versions offer many applications: installation on the back of a pick-up or a truck
  • Savings on shipment costs




  • Easy use and servicing
  • Accessible and simple use control panel
  • Practical fuel tank
  • Hinged hood with 2 gas springs
  • Electrical fuel pump
  • The lightest compressors in their class



3 different configurations:

  • Skid-mounted compressor
  • Axle-mounted compressor
  • Trailer-mounted compressor, allowing 
    and independent use of compressor/trailer



Demolition tools and sandblasting systems


Paving Breakers

Vibro-reduced breakers Reducing vibration impact on the operator has become a key health issue in some areas. MAC3 vibro reduced breakers have an equivalent impact power as a standard breaker, while significantly reducing vibrations to the operator.

  • Standard paving breakers
  • Breakers with enhanced ergonomic design




Chipping hammers and Pick hammers

Chipping hammers
These hammers are reliable solution for applications requiring more precision, together with good impact power. Equipped with a “D” handle, they are available either in standard version or with safety device option preventing from accidental operation of the trigger. MAC3 chipping hammers are fitted with a safe double threaded screw retainer or a spring retainer for quick tool changing.

Pick hammers
Designed for applications requiring higher impact energy, MAC3 pick hammers are adapted for both horizontal and] vertical positions in demolition works. Their slim design allows easy handling, even in restrained spaces. MAC3 pick hammers are fitted with either screw retainer or latch for safe and quick tool changing.






  • Easy access hatch
  • Remote control system
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Attached protective cover
  • Protection of the closing cone


  • Flow control blasting
  • Integrated efficient air cleaner
  • Optimized tank size of 70 liters
  • Operating pressure up to 10 bar


  • Support-like stretcher
  • Package with ergonomic dimensions
  • Charcoal filter for helmet air supply
  • Integrated plug for helmet









Stripping of vertical and horizontal surfaces for :

  • Masonry renovation
  • Façade cleaning
  • paint removal
  • rust removal and preparation of metal surfaces


Industrial compressors with electric motor

MSD range POWERFUL and Reliable
Rotary screw compressors belt driven (22 to 315 kW)










MSC range Efficient and economical
Rotary screw compressors belt driven (15 to 160 kW)











MSB range Flexible and compact
Screw compressors (2.2 to 15 kW)






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