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Trans Arabian Technical Services Co. Ltd.


Trans Arabian Technical Services is a rapidly growing company in the industrial service sector of Saudi Arabia.

Through acquisition of new products and technologies, the ethical and diligent business practices and unmatched customer support, TATS is well on its way to becoming Saudi Arabia’s one-stop shop for Industrial Services and Equipment Sales.

Products & Services

Message from the Chairman

“Quality, Customer Support and Relationship Development are what drive a service industry”

At TATS we focus on Customer Support instead of Customer Service where we diligently focus on strengthening our bonds with our clientele to ultimately identify & address issues before they arise. We’ve imprinted into our managers, sales staff and even our technicians that there’s no such thing as “one –time customer” and beyond all else our focus is the proactive communication and development of all existing and future relationships. The most important people at TATS are not the staff or management; it’s our customers.

We take pride in our work and we’ve passed these values to every member of the TATS family. TATS consistently promises accurate, ethical and competent service; and as a service driven company this is our guarantee.

Raad S. AbduljawadChairman and Managing Director